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ZenWeb is a system for building entire websites, not just pages

License: MIT/X Consortium License
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Developer: Zenspider
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ZenWeb is a system for building entire websites, not just pages. It allows you to focus on the content and the structure of the website, while leaving page construction, markup, layout, navigation as secondary concerns.

ZenWeb provides tools for complete website design and creation, simple paragraph to HTML generation with embellishments, and a rich set of tools for page and website creation, modification, and customization.

ZenWeb extends traditional web tools by being site oriented instead of page oriented. This allows you to focus on the quality and consistancy of the whole system instead of only being able to focus on a page at a time.

It is based around a sitemap. This sitemap defines the structure of your site and allows you to focus on the whole website in a single view. Pages know their relationships to others (children, parents, siblings) as a consequence and all navigation tools are automatically created by ZenWeb.


Unpack the package. You've probably already done this.
Test your ruby installation. Run 'irb':
- At the prompt type "1+1" and make sure it outputs "2".
- That states that, yes, you installed ruby correctly.
Run 'make test'.
- If all is well, you should have zero errors listed after running all of the tests.
- If not, email support. I respond quickly to problems.
Run 'make docs'.
- A new directory docshtml should now exist.
View docshtml in your browser.
- If you have apache you can quickly serve these pages (on unix):
+ Run 'make apache'
+ a private httpd will fire up running on port 8080.
- Otherwise, open the file directly in your browser
- Read all the pages, but start with Your Own Website.

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