ZRacer 1.0 review

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ZRacer is a ncurses multiplayer racing game

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: IRem
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ZRacer is a ncurses multiplayer racing game. It has a curses based semi-graphical interface, random track generator, editable settings and supports hotseat multiplayer.

The rules are simple - the higher on the screen, the faster you ride. Don't crash with rocks, kerbs, or your opponent and be the first on the finish line.

Here are some key features of "ZRacer":
Semi-graphical ncurses driven interface.
Hotseat multiplayer.
Random track generator.
Runs on both Linux and Windows, tested.
Beautiful source code.


Player 1 controls his car with arrow keys, and player 2 does it with wsad. The higher the car is on the screen, the faster it moves. Game time is measured with turns, where 1 turn is the time needed to move the car when it's at the top verge of the screen. The track has two kerbs and occasional rocks are generated. When a car hits a rock or a kerb, it explodes. Your goal is to get to the finish line without exploding and within shortest possible time. Have fun.

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