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ale (Another Linux Editor) is a small, fast text editor with very basic features

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 74K
Developer: Jem Miller
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ale (Another Linux Editor) is a small, fast text editor with very basic features. It is designed to edit or create config files or other text based files.

It supports long line lengths (65535 characters), and the number of lines is limited only by the available memory. It has a basic text search function, goto line, and other basic editing functions.

It is not intended to be an IDE or to parse regex expressions, but when you need speed and low overhead.

What's New in This Release:
It's been a while since I have had the time to work on ale. This release fixes some of the bugs, and adds a couple alternate commands.
Re-wrote the input routines so that they handle key combinations more reliably. The home and end keys no longer bring up the load file or save file dialogs. You'll probably need to use the setup command and the Learn keys selection to get everything working again.
Fixed the copy routine so that it now copies all of the marked area. Some of the math wasn't correct on copy pointers (probably the result of working when I should have been asleep).
Fixed the Status panel. Ale now displays the filename and status items correctly.
Fixed the Unhandled Exception error that would occur if a terminal window was too small. Ale will now adjust it's dialogs to fit the current terminal size.
Fixed an exception caused by ale trying to write a copy of it's config file in the current directory. This was never meant to happen, but it was, so ale would bail out with an erro if you dodn't have write permission in the current directory. Ale now writes it's config only in your home dir as it was supposed to in the beginning.
Fixed the find routine (F4) so that it actually finds all occurances of the search string, and no longer screws up the line numbering.
Added some alternate commands. I was shocked when I installed a new distro and discovered that it doesn't handle ALT keys over a remote ssh session like my other distros. Now Ctrl+S will get you to the setup area like Alt+S does. This way you can get to the learn keys routine. Also Ctrl+X exits just like Alt+X in case of emergency.
No longer requires that gpm be installed and running.

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