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Apophenia is an open statistical library

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Ben Klemens
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Apophenia is an open statistical library. Apophenia project provides functions on the same level as those of the typical stats package (such as OLS, probit, or singular value decomposition) but doesn't tie the user to an ad hoc language or environment.

The core functions are written in C, but are designed to be easy to bind to functions in Perl/Phython/&c. You can even do statistics from the command line if you prefer.
It is written to scale well.

If you have tried to analyze your gigabyte data set using other open source tools but found that they weren't up to handling large data sets or exceptionally computationally-intensive work, Apophenia is the library for you.

To date, the library has over a hundred functions to facilitate statistical computing, including:

maximum likelihood estimators for probit, Waring, Yule, Zipf, &c. estimators
database querying and maintenance utilities
moments, percentiles, and other basic stats utilities
singular value decomposition tools
t-tests, F-tests, et cetera

What's New in This Release:
mysql support. Consider this to be especially alpha code.
a slight overhaul of mysql.

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