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AssetMan (Asset Manager) is a materiel management Intranet application written in PHP

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 282K
Developer: John Frank
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AssetMan (Asset Manager) is a materiel management Intranet application written in PHP. You can use AssetMan to track your company's capital assets from the initial purchase through to end-of-life.

The company I work for supports in excess of 300 personal computers and other related devices spread over a wide geographical area. I thought we could use a way to quickly discover information about these computers, (make, model, serial, warranty info, location etc.) from anywhere on our network.

What began as a simple experimental application to do just that has grown into a fairly complete application that can handle purchasing, interdepartmental and customer billing and capital asset management for your whole organization, not just the IT department.

Is AssetMan perfect? Not hardly! I'm not a professional application programmer nor am I a particularly inspired web designer (as you can see!). However, I think all the significant bugs have been worked out of it and we've been using it here at work for a while with good results.

Check out the links above for more information. If you think AssetMan might be useful, then I encourage you to download it an give it a test drive. It's GPL so you've got nothing to loose!

What's New in This Release:
This release was changed to allow international, USA, and ISO date format and international or North American style phone numbers.
These options may now be globally configured.
The forms overlay code was modified to improve performance, and the binary imaging utilities were updated, resulting in a small print quality enhancement.

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