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BabyChess is a chess program

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jerome Kunegis
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BabyChess is a chess program. You can edit chess games, play chess on the internet, and play locally against engines.

BabyChess is distributed as free software under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Here are some key features of "BabyChess":
Games between humans and/or engines can be played in the match window. XBoard engines are supported.
The chess position editor lets you edit a chess position, and save it in FEN notation, as used by other chess programs.
The chess game editor understands PGN notation.
The game archive editor reads PGN files that contain any number of chess games. It displays a list of all games and lets you edit those games using the game editor.
The ICS client connects you to an Internet Chess Server and lets you play games against human opponents.
The "evaluator" of BabyChess is a chess engine that uses its own communication protocol. It is not an XBoard engine. This program is given a FEN position as an argument and analyzes the position. During the thinking process, information about the current best move and more is written.
The game editor uses the chess evaluator to analyze chess positions.
Internally, the evaluator uses 64 bit numbers even on 32 bit systems, meaning it is possible to analyze more than 2 billion positions on PCs.
This program implements an XBoard chess engine. It uses the evaluator as a backend.
In addition to the standard algebraic notation (SAN). French, German and Dutch notations are supported. Figurine notation is also supported, also the current fonts don't make it look good. New notations can be created.

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