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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Bloodware
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bwFXPbot is a Perl based IRC bot, designed for a spesific purpose to provide a solution for FTP based file sharing networks.

The idea is simple, the files are uploaded to a specific FTP server by the administrators who would like to spread them to their other FTP servers on the network, using bwFXPbot they can provide access for who ever they see feet to access the IRC and spread the files by a single command to the IRC bot.

bwFXPbot's features are as followed:

Using IRC bwFXPbot provides you with an easy global access to your file distributions.
Easy distribution of files from a local host to multiple FTP servers.
Easy distribution of files from one FTP server to many using FXP.

Perl v5.8.5 with IO::Socket and Class::Struct
Lftp v3.0.6

Tested on Fedora-Core3

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