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camE is a Webcam grabber designed for video4linux devices

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 38K
Developer: Tom
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camE is a Webcam grabber designed for video4linux devices. It is based on the xawtv webcam app, but extended to use imlib2 for applying antialised, blended truetype fonts to the image before upload.

A large number of new options have been added including scp support (in addition to ftp), image archiving, and much more. It runs as a daemon and needs no X connection to operate.

Here are some key features of "camE":
ttf fonts
blended transparent text
title text
options in ~/.camErc
message read from separate file (eg echo "eating my dinner" > ~/.caminfo)
color the text as you like
text background any color/alpha value
scp support for uploading
ftp support for uploading using libcurl, reconnect for each upload or reuse one connection
proper logging to file
user defined actions to be run before and after shots, and after upload (use to play sounds, beep, run scripts, copy files, whatever)
file for stopping uploads temporarily (touch ~/BLOCKCAM to stop shooting, remove it to resume)
now a proper daemon that can run without X forever if wanted
control of brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, colour, etc
control of framerate and use of snapshot mode for Philips cams
image archiving (timestamped into a directory of your choice after upload), every frame or every n frames
lag reduction (for some cams, when mmaped, the image grabbed lags behind the cam by up to 20 seconds. I use lag_reduce 5 in my ~/.camErc for example. This takes 5 shots in a row, which clears the mmap buffers, and then keeps the last shot, lag-free)

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