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Thin Image Upload is a drag and drop image uploader for embedding in Web pages

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Developer: Thin File
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Thin Image Upload is a drag and drop image uploader for embedding in Web pages. Thin Image Upload has the ability to resize images on the client side.

Files that are not images can be filtered out to save bandwidth. The applet is equipped with a progress monitor that will display a thumbnail of each image as it's uploaded.

Thin Image Upload is compatible with a wide range of server-side scripting languages. Before you begin the installation please make sure that your scripting engine has been correctly configured and your server is capable of accepting a file upload.

With PHP

Place the test.html page and upload.php (included in the zip file) on your webserver. Point your browser at test.html and carry out a form based file upload. It will help to ensure that your server is correctly configured to accept file uploads.

Open in your text editor. Change the url property so that it points to the upload.php you placed on your server. Now move this file along with ThinImageDemo.jar and applet.php into a folder in your webspace.

Edit upload.php and set the save path for your uploaded files. Make sure the webserver has permissions to write to this directory. That's it.

The upload.php is a sample PHP script provided to get you started on drag and drop file upload. You may need to modify the script for a better fit with your website or web application.

With Perl

Please copy upload.cgi to your /cgi-bin/ directory and change it's permissions to 755. Move test-perl.html to a folder outside the cgi-bin and open it using your browser and test your server configuration by trying out a form based file upload.

Edit so that the url parameter now points to the upload.cgi script inside the cgi-bin folder. Now move japplet.html, ThinUploadDemo.jar and to your server. change the upload.cgi to set the save path.

With Other Technologies

Thin upload will work with any scripting/programming language that can accept a file upload. If you are using a techonology other than perl or PHP, please follow the instructions in your developers manual to set up file uploading. Then simply replace the html form with japplet.html. Make sure to edit the properties file so that the url property points to the script that will accept the incoming files.

What's New in 1.04 Stable Release:
A minor bug related to client side image resizing was fixed.

What's New in 2.0 Beta Development Release:
Photos can be watermarked.
Interrupted uploads can be resumed.
A new progress monitor has been added, and the applet can be more easily configured.

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