Cervisia 2.4 review

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Cervisia is a GUI frontend for the version control system CVS

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 4857K
Developer: Christian Loose
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Cervisia is a GUI frontend for the version control system CVS. Cervisia project has features like a blame-annotated view, tagging and branching, a changelog editor coupled with the commit dialog and view of the log messages in a tree and list form.

Cervisia is shipped with the KDESDK package.

Here are some key features of "Cervisia":
Updating or retrieving the status of a working directory or single files. Files are displayed in different colors depending on their status, and the shown files can be filtered according to their status
Common operations like adding, removing and commiting files.
Advanced operations like adding and removing watches, editing and unediting files, locking and unlocking.
Checking out and importing modules.
Graphical diff against the repository and between different revisions.
Blame-annotated view of a file.
View of the log messages in tree and list form.
Resolving of conflicts in a file.
Tagging and branching.
Updating to a tag, branch or date.
A Changelog editor coupled with the commit dialog.

Qt 3.3
kdelibs 3.3

Note that those requirements only refer to the libraries Cervisia needs. It is not necessary to use any part of KDE. Cervisia runs fine with any window manager or desktop environment.

What's New in This Release:
It's now possible to sort the file view by extension/mimetype (#55864).
Autocompletion was added to the log message part of the commit dialog (#84909). So far it only suggests the names of the selected files, but it will be extended in the future.
Added support to exclude files from a commit in the commit dialog (#92938).
Login/logout support for the sspi protocol (cvsnt) (#98833).

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