LinCVS XXL 1.8.3 review

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LinCVS XXL is a platform independent graphical interface for the cvs command line client

License: Free for non-commercial use
File size: 1578K
Developer: LinCVS Team
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LinCVS XXL is a platform independent graphical interface for the cvs command line client. LinCVS XXL covers the cvs instruction set and allows intuitive and graphical handling of cvs projects. The LinCVS XXL GUI aims towards unexperienced users, yet complies with the requirements of sophisticated and professional users. It plugs into the native look and feel.

In contrast to other cvs clients, LinCVS XXL is a platform independent solution that supports multiple projects at once, allows repository inspection without previous checkout and has fine-grained internal merge/preview features.

Allmost all dialogs are non-modal, so for example inspecting the projects is possible while writing a commit message. File states are continuously monitored, and recognize external cvs actions without user interaction. LinCVS XXL can be fine-tuned to the project requirements, meaning size and performance. An internal ChangeSet viewer is included.

LinCVS supports graphical:

Connect methods:


Special dirview features:

dir-state track keeping
disable/enable tree/dir
continuous dir state monitoring
on-the-fly dir scanning
open dir browser
open shell
expand all
collaps all

Overall features:

user/server profiles
handle multiple projects simultaneously
handling of subprojects
ascii/binary file support
project properties
per project settings
can be operated without mouse
customizable settings for open/view file
application-wide customizable keyboard shortcuts
rename file/s
merge preview
export from working copy
extensive drag'n drop support
user definable look and feel
user definable icons/icon dir
Application dir installation
import binary/ascii preview
browse modules on server, even without modules file
view files without checkout, from history or log
branch/tag/project-name/commit-info history
tabbed view for cvs-controled/cvs-ignored/non-cvs files
remove files local/in repository/both
open with (startup option for just opening a specific dir/project)
create new file/dir
internal diff viewer with highlighting of in-line differences
internal conflict resolver dialog
use of external: editor/browser/shell/diff/remote shell
ncvs (notification extension) support

CVS features:

checkout (branch/tag/date)
import vendor
export (branch/tag/date)
query update
show editors [non-modal]
show watchers [non-modal]
watch add/remove
history [non-modal]
commit [non-modal]
tag (add/remove/move/reset)
update (to whatever revision)
reset/update to dir branch
update (*kx options)
lock/unlock dir/files
log (graphical zoomable multi-file revision tree) [non-modal]
diff (against whatever revision) [non-modal]
create patch (against whatever revision/tag/date)
visit file (from log tree or history) [non-modal]
diff, merge, create patch (from log tree)
merge diff between rev1,rev2 into rev3(from log tree)
annotate (with mult. filter functions)
commit info templates
.cvsignore support (global/local/environment/per directory)
add ascii/binary
readd (resurrect) files

Runtime version: 3.0.4 < Qt < 4.0
Devel version: 3.3.0 < Qt < 4.0 (only needed if you want to build LinCVS by yourself)
For access via SSH you need of course a ssh client.
For access via proxy you need our patched version of CVS, see download section.
If you want to compile LinCVS by yourself you need also qmake (part of Qt) and the Qt header files.

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