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SmartSVN is a multi-platform Subversion (SVN) client, the designated successor of CVS

License: Shareware
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Developer: SyntEvo GmbH
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SmartSVN is a multi-platform Subversion (SVN) client, the designated successor of CVS. SmartSVN project follows the same philosophy as SmartCVS: SmartSVN provides all required features out of the box, wrapped in an slick and easy-to-use interface.

Here are some key features of "SmartSVN":
Supported Authentication Methods

svn, svn+ssh
http and https
HTTP-proxy support

Supported Subversion Commands

Basic commands: add, blame (annotate), checkout, cleanup, commit, copy, delete, diff, import, list, log, merge, mkdir, move, propdel, propedit, propget, propset, resolved, revert, status, switch, updatenew
Locking: lock, unlocknew
Special properties support: svn:executable, svn:eol-style, svn:externals, svn:ignore, svn:mime-type, svn:keywordsnew

Keyword Substitution Support

You can specify individually, what keywords should be substituted.

Smart Extensions

Built-In Repository Browser to check out, create directories, remove and copy files and directories, log and annotate filesnew
Change Report: Shows detailled local changes for multiple files at once
File Annotation display with multiple coloring schemes for a quick analysis of a file's historynew
Smart Commit (add, remove and commit files with one click)
Smart Move (automatic detection of possibly moved or renamed files)
Ignore Files/Directories (explicitly/by pattern)
TMate-View to always see at one glance the changed files and directories in the repository
Change Report for the TMate-View: see all the detailled changes for the revisions
Easy ignoring of file (by name or pattern) and directories
View Remote State of files and directories; see, whether someone else already has committed a changenew

Convenient Tag and Branch Management

Tag Browser, showing all tags and branches (sortable by name or revision number)
Tag Support for switch
Tag Support for merge


File Table Filtering (show/hide ignored, unversioned or unmodified files)
Individual File Table sorting, also by multiple columns simultaneously
Search files while typing the name (incl. wildcard-support)
Fast selection of committable files

Miscellaneous Features

Built-In File Compare with detection of inline-changes and the possibility to edit files
Built-In simple File Editor
Display of what directories contain uncommitted files
Flat File view (to see all files from subdirectories, too)
Easy to use wizards assist in non-trivial or rarely used operations
Copying the path or name of the selected file to system clipbard

External Tools

Ability to define different file editors/viewers by patternnew

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
Commit (files): Is rejected for copied files because necessary parent directories are not automatically added
Log file (~/log4j-log.txt grows endlessly)
Mac OS X: changelog.txt is not included in bundle
Repository Profiles: "Use Proxy" can't be selected for https:// profiles
SVN repositories: Authentication with non-ASCII username fails
Tag/Branch/Trunk Editor: Exception

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