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Chess Training Tools is a collection of chess training tools

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Dietrich Kappe
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Chess Training Tools is a collection of chess training tools. It includes a chess visualization trainer that teaches chess visualization by drilling you on the color of a particular square, and also on your ability to tell if two squares are the same color, if two (or three) squares are on the same diagonal, if two squares are a knight move apart, or if two squares are two knight moves apart.

This is a program that I wrote for my own use to improve my chess visualization ability. I decided to share it with other players, since I believe they can benefit from it. It basically helps you remember what color the squares are, how the pieces move, and so on, all in your head.

It does so by posing you various excercises that, if practiced every day, will let you visualize positions without the aid of a board.

I use this tool every day. You may want to use it the way I do, or you could develop your own method of training. I work my way through the panels, doing 20 of each excercise. I proceed Color->Same Color->Diagonal 2->Diagonal 3->Knight->Knight 2->Mate.

Then, after all of that I play a game against Vince. Start slow, by either lagging the display by one ply, or by blanking out one quadrant. Work your way up to the 7 ply and four quadrants.

What's New in This Release:
This release added undo, or move takeback to the PlayTest ("Vince").

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