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clig is a command line interpreter generator

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 66K
Developer: Harald Kirsch
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clig is a command line interpreter generator. Clig creates for your C-Program or lets you use in your Tcl-script.

Here are some key features of "clig":
a command line interpreter with those features:
Flag, Int, Long, Float, Double or String options
no. of parameters of options can be specified
a range can be specified for the numerical options
options can have defaults
options can be mandatory (not really optional then :-)
The command line interpreter will check for your C-program or Tcl-script the existence of mandatory options, correct range of numerical option arguments and correct number of arguments. Violation results in readable error messages. Parsed results are delivered to your C-program in a custum-built structure or as directly accessible variables to your Tcl-script.
a readable, up-to-date usage-message
a basic manual page

Clig is implemented in Tcl and you will not be able to make it work without. The generated C-code is Tcl-free.
Clig has been originally been written by Harald Kirsch and is now mantained by Sven Geggus.

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