Cross Platform Toolkit Library (xtklib) 0.2.0 Alpha review

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Cross Platform Toolkit Library (xtklib) is a C++ based framework for highly object-oriented cross-platform programming. In particu

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Mario Casciaro
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Cross Platform Toolkit Library (xtklib) is a C++ based framework for highly object-oriented cross-platform programming.

In particular, the library provides a full abstraction layer between its API and the main services offered by the underlying operating system(Thread, processes,GUI,Filesystem,etc.) plus a set of generic utilities (Strings,Data structures,etc.).

Unlike other famous libraries, xtklib makes full use of all features of C++ like RTTI, Templates, Exceptions thus obtaining a strongly object-oriented design with a Java-like sensation.

The library is composed by two main modules: "Base" and "Widgets". The target operating systems are Windows and Unix(Linux and BSD in primis) with a plan to move also towards other systems.

Here are some key features of "Cross Platform Toolkit Library xtklib":
Use of modern C++ - use of many powerfull features offered by modern C++ like exceptions,RTTI,templates and namespaces allows faster development,improves code readability,and reduces programming errors.
Strong Object-Oriented design - designed to meet requirements of modern software industry: modularity, low coupling, high cohesion,information hiding. Design patterns and advanced class hierarchies are extensively used in all the library.
Ease of use - Clean and intuitive programming interface with a Java-like sensation.
Complete - Features supported includes:
Basic services: Thread, Synchronization, Filesystem access, Processes, Networking.
Advanced services: I/O Streams, Logging.
Debugging tools: Stack tracing, Memory Leak detection.
Gui widgets (Work in progress): Windows,Frames,Layout managers,common controls,advanced controls.
Generic utilities: complete data structures framework, String class with unicode support.
Full unicode support: native support to unicode, conversion to/from different charsets.
And many others: the list is too much long to enumerate all minor but extremely usefull features.
Cross Platform - Supports various systems and compilers.
XTKlib is known to work under:
Windows XP (x86)
Visual C++ versions 7.1, 8.0
Linux (x86, x86_64)
GCC 3.4
Compatibility with other platforms and compilers are not excluded.(If you can compile/use xtklib with a non listed compiler/platform let us know about that, thanks)
Fast - Although performance are not the main goal of this library (exceptions and RTTI have a tradeoff in this meaning), code agility and execution speed are often taken in consideration during development, thus leaving a performance advantage compared to interpreted programming languages(eg. Java,C#) or scripting languages(eg. Python,Ruby,Perl).

What's New in This Release:
This is the first release with a working "Widgets" module, although it has only basic features.
This release is provided for testing and development only.

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