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Docpile (SDMS clone) is a PHP-based document management system that allows multiple people to share documents and keep track of revi

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: rusi
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Docpile (SDMS clone) is a PHP-based document management system that allows multiple people to share documents and keep track of revisions.

Users can upload and download documents, grant per-file, -user, or -folder access privileges, and send notification emails when documents are being updated.

Administrators can create access groups, each responsible for a different set of folders and users.

Folder Access Privileges

Each user can have individual access privileges which include Read, Write, Modify, and Access. If none of these flags is checked then DocPile assumes "default" folder access privileges.

There are several ways that you can restrict users from using specific folders.

* One way to restrict users from using a folder is to uncheck all flags from the folder default access privileges, and then give privileges to individual users. This works but it's time consuming and may get very complicated if you decide to change the access privileges for all users.
* Another way to do that is to create a Group, and then make the folder part of that group along with the users that should have access to it. That way, only users that belong to the group can access it, and users that DO NOT belong to the group will NOT have access.

Add a user

In access level :

* Value 0 should be used for an admin user profile
* Value 255 should be used for a public user profile
* Values between 0 and 255 should be used for standard user profile

Document Mime Types

Mime types are determined when the file is uploaded (the browser sends the mime information in the header along with the file). Once the document is uploaded, the mime type is stored in the Document->type variable, which is internally stored in the "documents" table.

If the mime type is not determined during upload, there are several ways to fix this problem. The easiest would be to use the mime type discovery php function right after the file is uploaded (docs-doc-update.php -- line 43, docs-doc-new.php -- line 41), or when the file is requested for download (docs-doc-download.php -- after line 21).

If you are using PHP >= 4.3.0, there is a built-in function mime_content_type(String filename) that will do the trick.

email FROM field is NOT correct
While trying to retrieve a document from email and being logged out. the urlencode is url=%2Fdocs%2Fdocs-doc-view.php%3Fdoc_id%3D2 but after login the page shows as /docs/docs-doc-view.php?doc_id without the =2 at the end and causes an Access Denied. I looked through the code but being new to php I did not find an area to fix this issue. Will try to find the culprit and any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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