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Downloader for X is a tool for downloading files from the Internet via both HTT

License: Artistic License
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Developer: Chuchelo
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Downloader for X is a tool for downloading files from the Internet via both HTTP and FTP with a powerful but userfriendly interface.

Downloader for X supports reconnecting and resuming on connection timeouts, has a download queue for multiple files, support for simultaneous downloads, and many other features for powerful downloading.

Here are some key features of "Downloader for X":
Supporting both FTP and HTTP protocols as well as HTTP and FTP proxy servers. SOCKS5 support is also included! Authentication on the proxy servers is supported too.
The Program keep the logs of all download sessions that allows advanced user to monitor problems manualy according information from these logs.
It allows users to manage their downloads in real time. User can pause, continue, move in queue, add new downloads and remove downloads manualy. User also can allow to remove completed or failed downloads automatically by the program.
Recursive downloading via FTP as well as via HTTP is supported. Powerful Filters-manager allow advanced user to specify files which must to be downloaded and files which must to be skipped. Wildcards are supported for FTP downloads too.
Ability to download in more than one connection per time. Usualy downloading using number of connections increases speed of downloading up to 300% and even more!
Supporting of so called `Persistent connections' increases speed of downloading due much less amount of `standing connection' stages. With this feature D4X uses connections to the servers many times. Persistent connections over HTTP are supported automaticaly but persistent connections over FTP can be turned on by user ('Do not send QUIT command' option of FTP settings).
Ability to limit download speed of separate file as well as for the whole program allows modem user browse through the Web and download files at the same time.
Built-in Scheduller, URL-manager and 'Automatically adding' allow advaced user to simplify managing downloads by various criterias.
Multiqueued design, ability to run without X interface, ability to manage D4X via command line and many other features will satisfy anybody who find a time to learn this program.

What's New in This Release:
A couple of bugs that caused segfaults have been fixed, as well as many small defects.

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