Ebotula 0.1.17 review

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Ebotula is an IRC-bot taking charge of basic tasks

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 66K
Developer: Steffen Laube
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Ebotula is an IRC-bot taking charge of basic tasks. It can be used to manage one or more channels.

There is also an online help. It includes a list of all commands
known to the bot as well as detailed discription for every command. The
information that can be displayed depends on the permissions the asking user has.

The bot saves his data (e.g. channel topic, user permissions etc.) in seperate
files. So these data can be restored after restarting the bot. The login state
is also saved in these files but reseted after restart. Zombie logins will be
logged out automatically as long as the bot is running. Accounts not being used
for a certain time are removed by the bot. The time after which this happens can
be configured.

The bot is running as a multi thread application so it can process multiple
commands at the same time. The number of used threads (equivalent to the number
of commands which can be processed parallel) can be configured. This way the
bot is able to manage multiple channels at the same time and react to numerous
commands send by numerous users parallel.

All settings and configuration are done in the file ebotula.conf, usually
located in /usr/local/etc/. All command line parameters given will overwrite
the settings in the config file.

For more information and changes see the files NEWS,ChangLog, INSTALL, BUGS
and TODO.

The bot is being released under the terms of the GNU General Public License GPL.
See COPYING for details.

This programm should be compatible to the RFC 1459, 2810, 2811 and 2812.

Here are some key features of "Ebotula":
automatic setting and saving of user permissions after login
setting and saving of channel modes
setting and saving of channel topic
setting and displaying of channel greeting
setting and removing of ban masks
creating of user accounts
joining/parting of/from channels
broadcast messages without IRC operator rights
displaying of user lists
stopping the bot
restarting the bot

What's New in This Release:
Bugfix: fixed the rejoin-after-kick bug
Bugfix: fixed the invalid prefix handling of a irc message
Bugfix: fixed the compilation without the header file syslog.h
Bugfix: fixed the SIGSEGV on the using of the command accountlist
Bugfix: fixed the SIGSEGV on the command invite (bug 17,16)
Bugfix: fixed the SIGSEGV on the command line parameter -f (bug 19)
added the nls for the command line and log strings
added the nls for all error or information strings of the bot
added a seperate thread for the joing of the channels
added a parameter to controll the delay of the startup intialization
added more as one debug level
added a parameter to control the log output
added the suport of variable parameter list to the SendMsg()
modified the debug logging
modified the global sending mutex to a static mutex
modified the configuration file generator
modified the SendMsg()
adjusted the command line help
renamed the command rmuser to rmaccount

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