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Eric3 is a full featured Python (and Ruby) IDE that is written in PyQt using the QScintilla editor widget

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Detlev Offenbach
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Eric3 is a full featured Python (and Ruby) IDE that is written in PyQt using the QScintilla editor widget. For information on PyQt and QScintilla please see Riverbank Computing. Please note, that Eric3 project needs Qt 3.1 or newer, PyQt 3.6 or newer (not PyQt 3.9) and QScintilla 1.0 or newer.

Note: In order to use Eric3 under Win... operating systems you need a commercial or educational license of Qt 3.1 (or newer) from Trolltech and the corresponding license of PyQt (which includes QScintilla) from Riverbank.

Here are some key features of "Eric3":
Configurable main window layout (tabview, listview, workspace).
Any number of editors with configurable syntax highlighting, code folding, auto indenting, brace highlighting, auto completion, calltips, bookmarks and macro recording capabilities.
Integrated Project Management facility to organize your projects. The project browser shows all source files, all forms, all translations and any other file or directory that is part of the project each on its own tab. The source browser has built in class browsing capabilities.
An integrated interface to the version control systems CVS and Subversion.
An integrated source documentation system.
An integrated interface to the source documentation system Happydoc.
An integrated, full featured Python debugger. This debugger comes in three different kinds, the standard variant, a variant that doesn't need Qt and a variant to debug multithreaded applications. With the help of an additional debugger stub it can be used to debug mod_python scripts as well.
An integrated, full featured Ruby debugger.
Integrated profiling and code coverage support.
Integrated support for the Cyclops cycles finder.
An interactive Python shell with integrated debugger support and command line completion.
An interactive Ruby shell with integrated debugger support.
Integrated task management facility.
An explorer window for walking through your directory structure with built in class browsing capabilities for Python files.
Variable windows that display local and global variables in the current scope while debugging a program.
Integrated source code wizards, which can be extended by wizards from external sources. These are a QRegExp wizard, a Python regexp wizard and several wizards for Qt dialogs.
An integrated refactoring browser using the "Bicycle Repair Man" package.
Capability to generate UML like diagrams.
eric3 has built in scripting capabilities.
Fully configurable keyboard mapping.
An integrated interface to the Python Module "unittest" combined with code coverage analysis.
An integrated help viewer to display HTML help files. Alternatively you can choose to use Qt-Assistant to view help files.
An integrated previewer for Qt-Designer files.
An integrated previewer for displaying translated dialogs without the need to execute the application they belong to.
Display of the UI in different languages (currently English, German, French and Russian).
The ability to start Qt-Designer and Qt-Linguist from within eric3.
The ability to compile Qt-Designer forms, to produce Qt-Linguist files and release them from within the IDE.
Integrated CORBA support based on omniORB.
Many more little features not mentioned here.

What's New in This Release:
Bugs were fixed.
Support for new QScintilla stuff was added (e.g. autocomplete from document and APIs).
extended debugger to not set the encoding (configurable).
Keyboard shortcuts for the shell were added to clear the shell and for all zoom actions.
The eric3-configure tool was added to setup eric3 without the need to start the IDE.

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