F.S.a. 1.10 review

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Shoot UFOs

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 248K
Developer: Dennis Busch
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Shoot UFOs. Save city. Get highscore.

Prevent aliens from destroying your city and your cannons.

You are "TheHuman" and by that you have the power to control two of the lousiest cannons in universe using them to defend yourself against the alien attackwaves. Trying to express it in a more precise way: "Kill EVERYTHING!"

You need "Allegro" and "DUMB" ,if you want to compile the sources. The game is written in C/C++ and it should (thanks to Allegro,DUMB) be possible to be compiled on Linux, MAC, Unix and Win32 systems.

What's New in This Release:
Appearance changes:

InGame...uhm..."Music" added (don't panic, can be switched off!)
Menue-FONT and InGame-FONTs adjusted
Mouse support for menues added
darkened, discolored titlescreen as Story-,Instructions-,Top10 background
InGame background improved (with sidescrolling starfield)
Music and SwapStereo options now accessible through the menue
DUMB and Allegro logos,homepages integrated on titlescreen

Technical changes:

rare gameobject(Shot) disappearing BUG resolved
incorrect programme-shutdown BUG resolved
now using Allegro v4.1.8(wip)(previously v4.0.3)
now using DUMB v.0.9.2 for "music"playback

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