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Falling Up it's another tetris clone

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 456K
Developer: Kaolin Fire
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Falling Up it's another tetris clone. No, I'm not trying to make any money off of it or claim it as particularly unique. It is fun. Try it. It's evil. I'm told that frequently.

People have even praised it. I wrote it as a precursor to other games, a way to learn new technologies (GLUT, OpenGL, OpenAL, NSIS, ...), and to brush up on old ones (c, for that matter).

The source code is essentially free to do with as you please, if you like. If you "steal" most of it, I'd prefer you give credit back to here, but really... whatever. I learned from lots of places and anything I can do to pay that back is cool.

The game is... tetris. You have the same old blocks, and they fall down. You use left and right to move blocks left and right, up to rotate, down to move down a line, and spacebar to drop.

There's a 'next' item (optional), sound (optional), and... stuff like that. Please, just download it and play it already! Geeze! You'd think I was just rambling...

What's New in This Release:
The score file was adding 1 to the "level" the score was attained at every time a new high score was made, give or take; that is fixed.
I added a background image (doesn't work with 'trails', may slow down on slower systems), and made 'F4' quit out of playing the game.

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