File Service Protocol 2.8.1b24 review

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FSP stands for File Service Protocol

License: MIT/X Consortium License
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Developer: Radim Kolar
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FSP stands for File Service Protocol. It is a very lightweight UDP based protocol for transferring files.

FSP has many benefits over FTP, mainly for running anonymous archives. FSP protocol is valuable in all kinds of environments because it is one of the only TCP/IP protocols that is not aggressive about bandwidth, while still being sufficiently fault tolerant.

FSP is what anonymous FTP *should* be.

FSP: reliable and bandwidth friendly way to access publicly available data. Some people calls it UDP FTP.

What's New in This Release:
use getopt from stdio.h instead of getopt.h in fspscan.c
fspscan now compiles on AIX and other OS without glibc (hoaxter)
!! fixed fatal bug from b23. Server sends large packets to clients if
client request has not prefered reply size inside. This confuses all old fsp clients.
common/strdup.c removed
bsd_src/function.c bcopy -> memmove
removed STDC_HEADER checks, drop support for pre-ANSI compilers started work on alternate SCons based build system
fspd: use urandom, not random -> avoid hangs on Lin suck 2.6
build system converted to SCons
!! fixed directory listing bug in client library introduced in beta23
improvements to security of FSP clients
seq. numbers are now randomized
seed random number generator in fsp clients
check cmd in received packets
check pos in received packets

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