Gepolabo 0.5.0 review

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Gepolabo is a GNOME application for technical analysis of stock markets

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 2431K
Developer: gepolabo
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Gepolabo is a GNOME application for technical analysis of stock markets. Indicators are available as plugins. Quotes may be selected with criteria.

Quotes are saved in a MySQL database. Quotations are updated from the Web ( or from files.

GEPOLABO is a trading technical analysis software what autorize :

to recover automatically quotes from the web
to store (in a mysql database) the courses of various actions
to graphically analyse the quote of a stock
Bollinger bands
to select companies from graphical criterias
crossing of averages,
jumping (or reveral) of RSI values,
jumping of Bollinger bands.
to follow an event calendar

What's New in This Release:
bugs fixed
new interface
organization of companies in lists
quotes can be from session
new quotation providers
new analyze plugins : Bollinger's bands and news.
new selection plugins : you can search companies with RSI, cut of moving average, Bollinger bands.
exportation of quotes in CSV format
exportation of analysis in html or CSV format
customization of quotes charts (in line, barchart or candle).
customization of font and colors of chart's background
translation of documentation

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