XTrader 2006.05 review

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XTrader is a stock chart and technical analysis application

License: QPL (QT Public License)
File size: 2345K
Developer: Mikael Hogdahl
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XTrader is a stock chart and technical analysis application. A simple portfolio module is also included for keeping tracks of your investments.

Here are some key features of "XTrader":
You can have unlimited number of workspaces with their own settings
The database is a single sqlite3 database file
SMA (Moving Average)
ESMA (Exponential Moving Average)
RSI (Relative Strength Index)
ATR (Average True Range)
Standard Deviation
Price List Report
Price Change Report
Portfolio Performance Report
Portfolio Value Report

FLTK gui toolkit (ver. 1.1.7)
PTypes for network/threading (ver. 2.02)
Sqlite as the database (ver 3.3.5)
And qmake utility that comes with qt to generate the makefiles.

What's New in This Release:
Storage backend has been replaced from using flat text files to sqlite3 database.
Automatic import of downloaded data.
Code cleanup.
Minor fixes and changes.

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