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Gimmix project is a GUI MPD frontend written in C. Here are some key features of "Gimm

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 45K
Developer: Priyank Gosalia
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Gimmix project is a GUI MPD frontend written in C.

Here are some key features of "Gimmix":
Simple UI.
Playlist / File browser.
Systray icon support.

Please note that Gimmix is still in its early development stage.

libglade-2.6.0 or higher
libmpd-0.12.0 or higher


Installing gimmix is very simple for now. Before installing, make sure your system has all the required packages. After you unpack the source, just follow these steps to install gimmix.

cd gimmix-0.1b
make install (as root)

Now, you can start gimmix by simply typing


What's New in This Release:
Replaced the old libconfuse based config system with wejpconfig (written by Johannes Heimansberg)
Configuration file layout is changed completely.
Fixed a bad bad bug on x86_64 where gimmix crashed if compiled with -O2 flags.
Dropped notification using libnotify. Song info is now displayed as a tooltip in the system tray icon.
Tooltip notifications are now enabled by default and not user-configurable.
Added key bindings for play/pause/stop/prev/next/info buttons.
Fixed a bug that caused blank entires to be displayed in filebrower.
Current playlist can now be saved.
Added support for managing mpd playlists. (load/save)
Added a new tab for playlists.
Added support for enabling/disabling Crossfade.
Gimmix now remembers the window position when the user quits.
Gimmix also remembers the window mode (full/compact) when gimmix quits.
Users can now select whether a song should be played immediately when he adds it to the playlist. (Requested by Kedar Desai)
Users can also set whether gimmix should stop playback when user quits gimmix.
Fixed a random bug that caused garbage values to be displayed in password entry of preferences.
Implemented ID3 Tag editor using taglib. Now users can edit ID3 information of songs.
Display Bitrate, Channels, and song length in the tag editor window.
Fixed a major race condition which caused gimmix to use too much of memory when gimmix is not playing any song.
Replaced old error dialogs with GtkMessageDialog.
Fixed major memory leaks in the playlist code.
Completely re-organized code and lots of code cleanups.
Lots of other fixes and improvements.
Better error handling.

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