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ginterface is an instant messenger application to communicate with people

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 340K
Developer: Arun Ponniah
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ginterface is an instant messenger application to communicate with people. ginterface is aimed for the easy communication between people working in Linux Desktops.

You can set up ginterface in your LAN workspace, to communicate with people in that LAN. For using ginterface there is no need for an Internet connection and its all with in the LAN. ginterface has a separate server, gifserver (gif is the acronym of ginterface).

Run this server in one of the LAN systems and start using gif. The only thing to take note is the IP Address of the system in which the server is running, coz., this IP is needed to connect gifclient (client part of gif) to the server.

gifserver is written to run in CUI and gifclient in GUI with user-friendly interfaces. The administrator of the server has the power to add new user to ginterface.

When a new user is added, you can add him/her in your contact list. There are facilities for offline messages also. You can send offline messages to any of your contacts and he/she can see that when he/she logs in again.

gcc 3.2 or later
gtk+ 2.0 or later
glib 2.0 or later
automake 1.6.3 or later
autoconf 2.5.3 or later

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