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GRSlideShow project is everything you need in order to put your pictures online

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Yair
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GRSlideShow project is everything you need in order to put your pictures online. Put the GRSlideShow script in the parent directory of your albums and you're done. Nothing else needed.
Put your pictures in different directories, each directory is an album.

There is much more you can do, you can upload pictures from the web, set descriptions and comments to albums, or create new albums, you can add descriptions to pictures, rotate your images or automaticallly resize pictures to reduce bandwith usage.

You can upload zip files, and have them automatically extracted on the server. The zip flle can be kept in the 'Download' section so your friends can download all the pictures for offline browsing and printing.

You can allow image upload for guests for specific albums, so your friends can upload their stuff as well. 'All In One' is the fastest way to see all the pictures on one page, just scroll down, but this is usefull only when your network is fast.

And of course there is the slideshow where everything started, fade in fade out style slideshow, simple and powerfull. The slideshow is quite fast, since the next images are loaded to cache while the current image is displayed.

What's New in This Release:
This version has many new features including a smart slideshow, an improved administration page, and the ability for users to print pictures.

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