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MyPixmania is a software that eases the use of the website

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 22K
Developer: Thomas Petazzoni
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MyPixmania is a software that eases the use of the website. Web site allows to store picture albums, and sells to customers the ability to send printed versions of these pictures.

Although the website offers specialized softwares for the Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X operating systems, nothing is available for users of other operating systems, particularly free systems like GNU/Linux.

Currently, the user of these systems is limited to a Web form on the website, which makes its use impractical, particularly when it comes to uploading a large number of pictures.

The MyPixmania software fills this gap, and while it was initially developed for the GNU/Linux system, it's also perfectly usable with other operating systems.

Technically, MyPixmania is a set of Python scripts, that interacts with the MyPixmania website using the Curl library.

Currently, the supported operations are :

creation of an album ;
addition of pictures inside an album ;
listing of available albums ;
deletion of an album ;
fetch of an album's pictures.

Today, MyPixmania has three different interfaces :

a text interface, that offers all functionalities, perfect to upload a large number of pictures or to be used in other scripts ;
a graphical interface, which offers only a subset of all functionalities, but which has a nicer interface to view the contents of albums ;
a developer interface, for those who want to write other scripts that makes use of the internal library which interacts with the MyPixmania website.

Note: the authors of this software are in no way related to the website or to the FotoVista company. The availability of this script is not a promotion for this company.


What's New in This Release:
Following a modification of the Web site, the findPhpSessId() method has been removed, and instead the loginOn () method starts by fetching the homepage in order to get valid cookies before trying to authenticate.
This is needed since PHPSESSID is no longer passed as a GET parameter, but in the cookies.

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