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imp3sh is a flexible playlist manipulation shell and song player/streamer

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 336K
Developer: Eric Kratzer
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imp3sh is a flexible playlist manipulation shell and song player/streamer. It natively supports MP3 and Ogg/Vorbis files and URLs with the Xaudio Asynchronous library. imp3sh was created with the main goal to allow the Lixux audio enthusiast to easily manage thousands or hundreds of thousands of songs in any format.

Here are some key features of "imp3sh":
90+ Built-in commands, not including hotkeys
Extermely small footprint
Handles large playlists and queues with ease
Natively plays MP3 and Ogg-Vorbis Files/URLs
Uses external players to play any other file type
Powerful playlist and queue manipulation
Search and sort via tag info or filenames with assignable priority
Random, repeat, once, learning, and queue playmodes
Command aliasing
Flexible event system
Mixer control and 10 band equalizer
Time-stamped shell prompts
Command history
Console buffering and formatting
Full Unix-style job control
Tab completion on files, commands, lists, and list entries
Environmental variable manipulation

What's New in This Release:
Added 'filterlist' command:
filterlist ['-c']
This command will remove any duplicate entries in the given list. A duplicate is any two entries in the list who have the same view information. There are 4 view modes a list can be in, see the README files for more information.
If the "-c" option is given before the list name, the command will check and report duplicates found, without removing them.
Be warned! This command is *very* slow and could take many minutes when working with large lists.
Simple URIs are now accepted for "play" and "fileq" commands. Any file starting with "file://" will be decoded as a URI.
Added some code to de-sync imp3sh from the decoder process when executing internal commands. Now the music won't stop playing when executing internal commands that take forever to complete...
The most recently added external player is used. This allows you to override the built-in Xaudio decoder by adding an external player supporting the same file type(s).

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