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InfoBox is a notification tool based on specifications from

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Paweł Drygas
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InfoBox is a notification tool based on specifications from It waits for DBUS messages, and if they're correct it displays it.

It was inspired by FVWM-Crystal's InformationBox, but since it was so limited I decided to write InfoBox. It's meant for FVWM-Crystal but should work on everything else.


InfoBox looks for config file at ~/.infobox/infoboxd.cfg, and if it won't find it it uses the default config.
But you are also able to setup InfoBox at runtime, using an InfoBox client – more in “4. Usage”. The configuration file is described in infoboxd.cfg.example.


When you left-click on the window, it will be above all other windows, middle-click closes it, and right-click sends it below.

If a program use this standard InfoBox will display its messages, but if not you could use InfoBox client instead (for example with Song Change plugin for XMMS):
infobox [-a app_name] [-i app_icon] [-s summary] [-m msg] [-g image] [-c config]
-a name of the application sending the message
-i path to application's icon, or name of themed icon
-s short message
-m long message
-g image/animation that will be showed at left (path or name of themed icon)
-c config is in the same format that the config file, see "5. Examples"

GTK 2.6 (or higher)
DBus 0.30 (or higher)

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