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RTSP Caching Proxy 3.0 Alpha2 Proxy
RtspProxy is a proxy server for multimedia streaming services based on the RTSP protocol. The current version is a complete rewrit
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml 2.0 Proxy
Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml is a mod_perl2 replacement of the Apache2 module mod_proxy_html.c, used to rewrite HTML/Javascript links fo
Perl Artistic License
uoproxy 0.1.3 Proxy
uoproxy is a proxy server for Ultima Online
GPL (GNU General Public License)
ProxyChain 0.4 Proxy
ProxyChain generates a chain of proxies which can give you greater anonymity
GPL (GNU General Public License)
prtunnel 0.2.7 Proxy
prtunnel is a program that can tunnel TCP/IP connections in a variety of ways, including through HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy servers
BSD License
postprox 0.2.0 Proxy
postprox is an SMTP proxy which copies an SMTP conversation between its input and another SMTP server, but spools the DATA portion to
Artistic License
NTLM Authorization Proxy Server Proxy
NTLM Authorization Proxy Server is a proxy software that allows you to authenticate via an MS Proxy Server using the proprietary NTLM
GPL (GNU General Public License)
squid_redirect 3.5 Proxy
squid_redirect uses a list of patterns to zap annoying ad banners from Web pages, inserting a placeholder image. It lives in a Web
BSD License
SPIKE Proxy 1.4.8 Proxy
Spike Proxy is an open source HTTP proxy for finding security flaws in web sites. SPIKE Proxy is part of the Spike Application Tes
smtpauth 0.94 Proxy
smtpauth is a authenticating proxy for servers without SMTP AUTH. Use 'smtpauth' and stunnel programs to add SMTP AUTH (PLAIN, LOGIN
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Siproxd 0.5.13 Proxy
Siproxd is a proxy/masquerading daemon for the SIP protocol
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Simple UDP proxy/pipe 0.3 Proxy

GPL (GNU General Public License)
Charles Web Debugging Proxy 2.5 Proxy
Charles is an HTTP proxy / Reverse Proxy / HTTP monitor that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP traffic between their machin
www_proxy 0.0.3 Proxy
www_proxy is a simple non-caching HTTP proxy
VultureNG 1.94 (ADS) Proxy
Vulture is an HTTP reverse proxy
GPL (GNU General Public License)
sshproxy 0.5.0 Proxy
sshproxy is a pure Python implementation of an SSH proxy. sshproxy allows users to connect to remote sites without having to remem
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Stone TCP/IP packet repeater 2.3c Proxy
Stone is an application layer TCP/IP packet repeater
GPL (GNU General Public License)
Proximity 1.0.0 RC7 Proxy
Proximity project is a cross between an HTTP proxy and a pro-active mirror
The Apache License 2.0
UProxy 0.91 Proxy
UProxy is a proxy for UDP protocols
GPL (GNU General Public License)
eProxy 1.0 Proxy
eProxy software is an SMTP proxy server framework specially designed for use in conjunction with Postfix version 2.1 and higher
BSD License
YXORP 1.23.4 Proxy
YXORP is a reverse proxy for the HTTP protocol
GPL (GNU General Public License)
SOHT 0.6 Proxy
SOHT stands for Socket over HTTP Tunneling and allows you to tunnel socket connections through an HTTP proxy
BSD License
Proxy Detector 0.1 Proxy
Proxy Detector is a PHP class that can detect HTTP requests via proxy
GPL (GNU General Public License)
reTCP 0.46 Proxy
reTCP is a user-space TCP connection redirector with special HTTP proxy support
GPL (GNU General Public License)
MOCKS 0.0.2-p2 Proxy
MOCKS is a small, easy configurable, RFC1928 compliant SOCKS 5 server
GPL (GNU General Public License)