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ipcam is a motion detection and recording program for IP camera's

License: Freeware
File size: 19K
Developer: Sebastian Dehne
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ipcam is a motion detection and recording program for IP camera's. ipcam software reads the JPEG stream from a ip camera and tries to detect motion by comparing the images to each other and calculating differences in brightness and color.

Once motion is detected, ipcam switches to recoding mode and stores the JPEG images in separate files in a new directory. When recording is finished and no more motion is detected, ipcam can start an external program for further processing on the JPEG files.

For example: use mencoder to create a movie file of the JPEG files. ipcam does not take any command line arguments and will only log to syslog(3).

ipcam was developed and tested on OpenBSD 3.8. It should work on Linux as well.

Supported hardware:

Currently, only the Sitecom LN-400 or LN-401 camera is supported.



Configure ipcam by editing ipcam.h and then simply run make to compile.

What's New in This Release:
This release should run on Linux.

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