Devolution Security 3.0.6 review

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Devolution Security is a video surveillance system for Linux based systems

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Peter Hartshorn
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Devolution Security is a video surveillance system for Linux based systems. It supports up to 16 cameras and features unicast and multicast broadcasting, a Web interface, an X11 interface, themes, motion detection, record on motion, eight different camera layouts, camera cycling, fullscreen mode, and more. Devolution Security uses its own toolkit (dtk).

Here are some key features of "Devolution Security":
Up to 16 cameras
Motion detection
Record on motion detection
Record up to 25 fps mpeg4 video
Multicast live streams to local network
Unicast to internet IP address
Very configurable
Themeable X11 interface
Web based interface

ffmpeg source
At least one Video 4 Linux device


download all requirements
extract ffmpeg source somewhere
configure, build and install libtemplate and libcgi
configure, build and install the Devolution Toolkit
configure, build and install devsec with the following notes:
for the moment, you should use --prefix=/usr. See bugs
you must add ----enable-ffmpeg=< location of ffmpeg source >

Some paths are hard coded to a prefix of /usr
Devsec needs write permission on a directory called /streams
The buttons on the right may not work properly, or at all
There are unknown bugs

What's New in This Release:
This version works with 2.6 kernels, and was tested on Ubuntu 5.04.
A bug with keyboard focus was fixed.

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