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LVE is a frame and GOP accurate editing of MPEG1/2 video files

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Gerhard Monzel
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LVE is a frame and GOP accurate editing of MPEG1/2 video files. Differnet mpeg
formats are supported:

program streams ("PS") including DVD conform vob format,
single elemtary video streams ("ES").
multiplexed, packed elementary A/V streams ("PES"), often used by DVB recording software.
transport streams ("TS") - one video pid, but multiple audio pids. it's a further DVB format
(restriction: no error detection/correction, program tables won't be analyzed).
PVA streams (experimental), used by some DVB recording MS-soft.

The cutting engine is based on a self coded frame-server (demuxer) who's working on a special frame-index, which guaranties exact seeking to every frame. The "libmpeg2" of "mpeg2dec-0.3.1"-package is used to decode video data. audio data will be decoded with help of "ffmpeg-0.4.x". Furthermore lve can use external audio files encoded in "WAV"-format.

500 MHz CPU with min. 128MB RAM, decoding with audio needs more speed !!! recommended up to 1 GHz CPU
XFRee86 4.x with xv-support running with color depth >= 16-Bit !!!
libSDL-1.2.x from www.libsdl.org (available in most newer linux distributions)
newer libqt-Stuff (>= 2.04) (see your linux distribution)
the source-package must be extracted in "/usr/local", because lve has hard coded directory names (at the moment ?).
ffmpeg-0.4.x -> use the package available from lve download place IMPORTANT: please unpack the ffmpeg-package in "/usr/local/" too !!!
Check if ./lve/ffmpeg links to your ffmpeg-directory (default is: "./lve/ffmpeg -> /usr/local/ffmpeg-0.4.x" )

What's New in This Release:
lvedump/lve: new options "-ts" and "-pes" to produce TS-Stream (=DVB transport stream)
or PES-stream output.
Some minor bugfixes.

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