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Jaikoz is an audio tagger for ID3 and MP3. Everybody is using MP3s these days

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Jaikoz is an audio tagger for ID3 and MP3.

Everybody is using MP3s these days. MP3s can be created from CD or downloaded from the Internet, however often these do not contain the correct information to identify and playback the song.

This information is stored in a format known as a Tag. Audio Tag Editor applications are designed to allow you to edit and correct this information.

Unfortunately, most of these applications are adequate when you want to correct a few songs but fail miserably when trying to manage a collection of thousands of songs.

Jaikoz has been specifically designed for managing large music collections. It aims to give you full control of your editing and provide as much automation as possible. Jaikoz is easy to use straight away and the AutoCorrect task can perform a batch of tasks automatically.

Jaikoz uses a spreadsheet view to allow you to edit information more quickly than other applications and provides many autoformatting tasks which do most of the work for you. For example, it compares your MP3s to each other and using this information it can correct missing information and spelling mistakes, we know of no other tagger that does this!

Jaikoz integrates with the MusicBrainz Database, it can lookup information from an online database and correct your tracks, it does this on a file by file basis, unlike other methods you do not need the complete album to do accurate matching.

Jaikoz can extract information from a filename into the tag without you having to specify the format for the filename. The screen is split horizontally to show the original record and the changes you have made so you compare both at the same time. Some applications hide multi-complex fields away but Jaikoz allows you to access the first field of every one from the main view. For example if you have an album cover tag in one mp3 and you want to copy it to other MP3s just copy and paste it.

Jaikoz currently supports tagging of MP3 files with ID3v1,ID3v2,ID3v2.2,ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags. In future versions we aim to add other formats such as Ogg Vorbis and Lyrics3

Jaikoz is written in Java enabling you to use it on Windows, UNIX and Mac OS X

A free trial is available now. Purchases will give free upgrades for life, so if you buy now you will not lose out. Jaikoz is being continually improved and we aim to release new versions every three months in future.

What's New in This Release:
The performance was improved when looking up information from the MusicBrainz server.
"Shift Base Folder to Sub Folder" and "Shift Sub Folder to Base Folder" options were added to allow folders to be easily shifted between the base folder and sub folder fields.
A number of user interface and tagging bugs have also been fixed.

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