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jsXe project is the Java Simple XML Editor. jsXe is a fast, intuitive, scalable, platform-independent XML editor It is written in

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Ian Lewis
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jsXe project is the Java Simple XML Editor.

jsXe is a fast, intuitive, scalable, platform-independent XML editor It is written in Java using the Swing toolkit, and Xerces-J and is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

It aims to provide end users and developers with an intuitive way of creating XML documents that is simple enough to deal with any XML document but flexible to allow the addition of support for XML document formats through the use of plugins.

jsXe is currently in the beta stage and many intended features are not currently implemented. If you are interesting in helping to make jsXe a great editor by contributing your suggestions and needs or if you are a developer and would like to contribute time and code just send an email.

Here are some key features of "jsXe":

Written in Java, so it runs on Mac OS X, OS/2, Unix, VMS and Windows.
XML documents are edited using views. jsXe allows for multiple views.
Plugin interface that allows the addition of views without re-compiling
Relatively good serialization of XML documents. Supports the option of formatting serialized XML documents or not formatting. Supports preserving whitespace in text.
Allows opening and editing of multiple XML documents in one open window.

Tree View

Adding, deleting, and editing of Nodes in an XML document using context menus.
Adding, deleting, and editing of attributes of an element node.
Drag and Drop of XML nodes within the Tree view and to text editors.

Source View

Text editing of the full XML source of any XML document
Cut, copy, and paste and other limited features.

What's New in 0.4 Beta Stable Release:
Updated to work with xerces 2.8.0 (jsXe now requires xerces 2.8.0)
Updated support for different encodings. Now jsXe will support all encodings that the JVM being used supports. jsXe now opens documents properly by examining the files for UTF file markers or the encoding in the XML declaration. jsXe will now save files properly and write the correct encoding in the xml declaration.
Added built-in completion and introspection support for XML Schema, XHTML, XSLT, and XSL:FO
Added a null menu item to the recent files menu for when there are no recent files in the list.
Added an option to allow the user to specify the line separator.
Made some GUI tweaks to the splash screen.
Made some tweaks to how the serializer formats XML Documents

What's New in 0.5 pre3 Development Release:
Added a new installer for jsXe to allow users to install jsXe much easier.
Added new windows executables to enable windows users to easily install and run jsXe.
Updated German translations.
Added undo/redo support that allows users to undo actions they didn't intend to do.
Added a Russian translation.

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