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KchmViewer is a chm (MS HTML help file format) viewer, written in C++

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Georgy Yunaev
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KchmViewer is a chm (MS HTML help file format) viewer, written in C++. Unlike most existing CHM viewers for Unix, KchmViewer uses Trolltech Qt widget library, and does not depend on KDE or Gnome. However, it may be compiled with full KDE support, including KDE widgets and KIO/KHTML.

The main advantage of KchmViewer is non-English language support. Unlike others, KchmViewer in most cases correctly detects help file encoding, correctly shows tables of context of Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese help files, and correctly searches in non-English help files (search for MBCS languages - ja/ko/ch is still in progress).

Here are some key features of "kchmviewer":
Standalone viewer, depends on Qt only. Does not require KDE, Gnome or wxWindows toolkit.
A KDE viewer can be compiled optionally, with KIO slave, KHTML and K*Widget support.
Completely safe and harmless. Does not support JavaScript in any way, optionally warns you before opening an external web page, or switching to another help file.
Correctly detects and shows encoding of any valid chm file.
Correctly shows non-English chm files, including cyrillic, chinese, japanese and others.
Correctly searches in non-English chm files using chm built-in search index.
Shows an appropriate image for every TOC entry.
Has complete chm index support, including multiple index entries, cross-links and parent/child entries in index.
Persistent bookmarks support. Allows to store bookmarks even if "Favorites" window was not enabled for this chm file. Also stores the screen position for every bookmark. You can also edit/delete bookmarks.
For any opened chm file, stores the last opened window, search history, bookmark history, font size and so on, so when you open this file again, everything is always on the place.
Has easy and powerful search-in-page support.
Allows to increase or decrease the font size, so physically handicapped people can read texts easily.
Has standard Back/Forward/Home navigation.
Can print the opened pages on a standard printer (usually via CUPS).
Has complex search query support. You can use search queries like "lazy people" + learn -not.

What's New in This Release:
You can now switch between tabs using Alt+[number]. Now current window size and splitter position is also stored on exit - separately for each chm file. Kchmviewer should now work correctly on non-x86 platforms, including the codepage autodetection. TOC directory entries now could be opened/closed with double-click on the entry name/icon, not just +/- icons. Added a warning when the browser or browser settings are changed that the application restart is required for changes to take effect. Fixed the i18n compilation problem in kchmviewwindow.cpp. If the TOC directory entry did not have an associated page, it was not possible to select it. No more duplicate entries in previous file history. The window title is now truncated if too long. Tab close icon now positioned correctly. Menu-based window selection with multiple tabs now works. Added Czech and updated Dutch translations.

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