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The KeyIntegrity family of products is intended for the service of the whole life cycle of program services and management of a Servi

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The KeyIntegrity family of products is intended for the service of the whole life cycle of program services and management of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on any platform and technology, including Java and .NET.

KeyIntegrity allows the creation of crucially important business-applications for distributed heterogeneous spaces. KeyIntegrity ServiceHub also integrates people, systems, and applications with external and internal resources of the enterprise.

Keyinyegrity ServiceHub (SHB) is a midware package for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Servicehub consists of:

Web container.
WS Engine. This module carries out the basic functions of Web-service management. Web-services are intended for creation of the distributed applications. Those applications function in the Internet environment (and its variations like - the intranet and the extranet) and their components interact on the basis of standard Web-protocols.
CSUL Engine. This module organizes GUI component model. Form and Report generators are parts of its structure. CSUL Engine is constructed on the basis of XML technologies.
Security Engine. This module provides a Single Sign-On. Single Sign-On allows a user who once passed the authentication to gain access to all the systems he has authorization for immediately, including the client/server and Web-resources. Security Engine supports the basic user authentication technologies and allows administrators to intensify the security of the protected resourses.
BPEL Engine. This module organizes Web-services orchestration. By means of BPEL typical business processes can be characterized as executable and capable of modelling the actual behavior of a business interaction participant. BPEL is focused on the Web services orchestration in the course of a business flow.
DATA Engine. This module organizes work with data pools. It describes the uniform interface for displaying Java objects to any storehouse of data. It is constructed on JDO basis and supports work with great volumes of data, transactions, and use of inquiries. It also allows to save objects in relational and objective databases, in files, etc. It grants independence from a data source.
Unified console for control and administration.

Platforms: J2SE SDK 1.4
Servlet Container / Application Server: Jakarta Tomcat, Jetty, Enhydra, JBoss, Caucho's Resin Server, BEA WebLogic Server or Weblogic Express, Borland Enterprise Server, Oracle Application Server, IBM WebSphere, Sun Java Enterprise System
RDBMS: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, HSQL, Postgresql, Pointbase, Cloudscape, DB2, Firebird, SAPDB/MaxDB

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