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Keystone2 is a Web-based tool for managing a small to medium-sized workgroup

License: Free To Use But Restricted
File size: 333K
Developer: Stonekeep Consulting, Inc.
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Keystone2 is a Web-based tool for managing a small to medium-sized workgroup. Keystone2's primary use is as a trouble ticket system for the department and the userbase, but also includes contact and resource management, all tightly integrated.

The system allows the userbase to enter tickets in a simple fashion, while the technicians have a more powerful and advanced view. After installation, the entire system is manageable via the Web interface.

Here are some key features of "Keystone2":
Complete platform-independent web-based interface
Written in PHP for total portability
Supports many back end SQL database systems through a flexible database abstraction layer

Supports 'public' user interface as well as advanced highly configurable 'technician' interface
Configurable views for sorting, highlighting, and categorization
Hierarchial "Parent / Child" grouping of tickets
Complete audit log of all updates or changes to a ticket
E-Mail notification to technicians and/or users when tickets change or are created
System-definable filter views
User-editable reports
ACL-based access permissions by group or user

Asset management
Track equipment issues by associating tickets with equipment
Keep inventory of individual parts or quantity-on-hand
Associate inventory with systems to keep full equipment tally

Contact management
Keep track of companies or individuals
User logins for contacts to view associated tickets
View tickets associated with contacts or contacts associated with tickets
Any number of email, phone, or address entries per contact

What's New in This Release:
Further changes were made to the new interface design along with a large scale cleanup of back end code, support for PHP 5, and support for running within a non-register_globals environment.

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