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KFilter is a tool to design acoustic loudspeakers in the theoretical way

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Martin Erdtmann
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KFilter is a tool to design acoustic loudspeakers in the theoretical way. It provides an interactive analysis of the equivalent analogue circuit design.

This is useful to create a good draft construction which can be improved by further measurement. Future measurement features are planned.

Here are some key features of "KFilter":
generating and simulation of the equivalent circuit design of a loudspeaker
simulation of a passive eight-step topology passiv filter network
generating of the equivalent circuit design of different volume types
merging the results of point 1 to 3 in a free scaleable output window
acoustic pressure, impedance and summary results of different drivers
a wizard to generate standart filter circuit proposals for further analysis
good optimizations / very fast algorythms

Qt install, 2.0 > version >= 1.44


In order to compile and install Kfilter on your system, untar and unzip the source tarball and build Kfilter. Type the following at your command prompt:

% tar xzf kfilter-{rev}.tar.gz

% cd kfilter-{rev}

% ./configure

% make

% make install

Be sure to replace {rev} with the revision number of the tarball you downloaded. Since Kfilter uses autoconf you should have no trouble building it. Always remember you can type

% ./configure --help

to see the full list of configuration options.

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