KFLog 2.1.1 review

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KFLog is an OpenSource program aimed at glider pilots

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 910K
Developer: KFLog-Team
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KFLog is an OpenSource program aimed at glider pilots. It gives you a powerfull tool to plan your flight tasks before you go flying and analyse your flights afterwards.

KFLog is the only flight analyser program available for Linux to be recognized by the FAI IGC.

KFLog projects the flights on a digital vectormap, that contains not only airfields and airspaces, but a complete elevation-map, roads, cities, rivers, and lots of other interesting objects.

KFLog can be used under KDE 3.x.

We recommend at least a display using 16bit color-depth. If you run your X with only 8bit, you will get a very poor map.

Like most KDE-applications, KFLog is supposed to run under several Unix-Systems. We have tested KFLog under different Linux-distributions as well as under Solaris. If you have KFLog running under other systems, we would be pleased to hear about.

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