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LDRUM is an open-source drummachine that offers ten channels, realtime control, a simple pattern sequencer and a graphical user-inter

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 3K
Developer: Peter Eschler
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LDRUM is an open-source drummachine that offers ten channels, realtime control, a simple pattern sequencer and a graphical user-interface.

LDrum currently runs under Linux only, it is developed in C++ and uses JACK, Qt, ALSA and LADSPA (it's a JAQL app;)

LDRUM uses two homemade libraries called libjackpp and libladspapp. These are included in the LDRUM tarball but might be of interest standalone for somebody. So use the following links below to get some infos and the source.

Here are some key features of "LDrum":
10 stereo channels

Each channel can play a stereo sample. The sample can be changed while playing. A channel can be triggered by the internal sequencer, the keyboard, MIDI or the GUI simultaneous. You can use your favorite sequencer to trigger LDRUM.

16 voices

LDRUM is limited to 16 channels to be played simultaneous.

MIDI support

The LDRUM uses the ALSA sequencer api for triggering channels and controlling parameter via MIDI.

Realtime controlable parameters

Each channel offers a set of parameters which can be controlled in realtime via MIDI or the graphical user interface. You can assign individual MIDI controllers to each parameter via an easy to use MIDI learn function (just right-click over the parameter).

The following parameters are available:

level velocity modulation
equalizer low freq
equalizer mid freq
equalizer high freq
equalizer velocity modulation
length velocity modulation

Sample import

LDRUM can import all audio file types libsndfile supports.

Load/save drum patches

A LDRUM patch is stored in an xml file with the extension ".ldp". A patch stores all channel parameters, the channels samples and the MIDI note assignments. Patches can be loaded and saved via the GUI.

Load/save sequences

A LDRUM sequence is stored in a xml file with the extension ".lds". A sequence stores the sequencer banks which contain the patterns of the channels. Sequences can be loaded and saved via the GUI.

Color schemes

The LDRUM can be colored the way you like it. It offers an graphical color scheme editor to create you own personal look.


What's New in This Release:
general: renamed to LDRUM (formerly Lindrum)
general: should now compile using Qt >= 3.1
general: added default sounds
general: enhanced installation procedure
engine: extended patch format to contain additional info (MIDI note, solo, ...)
engine: fixed a bug with the channel's mute parameter
engine: added pattern bank concept
engine: enhanced sequencer functionality
engine: added support for channel's length paramater (still buggy when heavily used)
engine: enhanced midi support
engine: replacing a channel' sample while sequencer is stopped works now (replacing while sequencer is playing will come soon)
gui: added a patch section to the gui for loading/saving patches
gui: added a preferences dialog
gui: added color scheme functionality
gui: added color scheme editor gui (in the preferences dialog)
gui: added autoload patch/sequence on startup
gui: added startup configuration gui (in the preferences dialog)
gui: added midi configuration gui
gui: made the buttons for the pattern banks work
gui: trigger button flashes according to sequencer events
gui: parameter tooltips stay visible when adjusting value by mouse-wheel
gui: pattern steps can be edited while sequencer is playing

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