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leDDer project is a simple example of Open Source development

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Troll
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leDDer project is a simple example of Open Source development. leDDer project shows different aspects of Linux programming. Software part of project consist of two parts:

Loadable Kernel Module
XMMS plugin

What this project peveloped for? This is most difficult question you can ask me. I'd worked on the leDDer for myself. I like music very much. Some times ago I want to find some lightmusic staff for Linux(in general) and for XMMS - my favourite musical player.

After parsing Web, I had found xplsisnjasp - lightmusical device and XMMS plugin. This made a great impression for me. And I decided make my own system like that (a bit.

The leDDer consist of two parts: hardware and software.Hardware part you can see at xplsisnjasp. This is common schema how to connect leds to LPT. I have plans to make a real lightmusic device, but my knowleges in electronics restricts me :( Software kernel driver and XMMS plugin you can download from here. If you have any problems,proposals or ideas - please contact me.


The leDDer installation will be done in two next steps. Please consult COPYING before this!

1. Compiling and installing kernel module.

cd ledderdev

After that you would have module ledderdev.o
Please load it by insmod or modprobe

2. Compiling and installing XMMS plugin
Make sure that you have XMMS-devel and gtk-devel sources. After that:

cd xmms
make install

It would make libledder.so - complete XMMS plugin.
make install copies libledder.so to your home plugin directory.

After than you can run your XMMS and activate plugin.
Also try to change divisor in plugin configuration menu. I think, default value(7) is best, but feel yourself free to change it.


This is only 0.0.1 version of leDDer - you may to change some pathes in
Makefiles if you caught errors(maybe you have different GTK location as me.
I'll fix it in next versions.

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