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Legendary Legions is a turn-based strategy game with fantasy theme and rpg-elements (e.g

License: Freeware
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Developer: Tomasz Umbras, Micha? Rudkowski, Jacek Ludwin
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Legendary Legions is a turn-based strategy game with fantasy theme and rpg-elements (e.g. leveling the units, and skills which you could raise).

Your mission is to destroy enemys castle. You can be on good or evil side. A the moment game supports only 2 human player game, but in future we plan to add AI and network play. The gameplay is similar to this in Heroes of Might and Magic but its much simpler of course.

Game was written with allegro for graphic and:

allegromp3 for music
loadpng for png support


All units have been taken from Celtic Legends (an old Amiga game), the concept is a hybrid of Celtic Legends (its not clone), Heroes of Might & Magic and Civilization :D . The dragon in menu and in interface is not ours too as well as music in trailer ;D. Hmmm whats more... the code is ours (but we wont public it yet and everything is in polish so you wont understand it at all), the rest graphic are ours. Oh and sound when the unit is building is not ours too. I think its all about copyrights. The game is freeware, non-profit etc.

What's New in This Release:
day/night cycle with little graphic effect
If it's night then dark forces gets +5% defense bonus. Good forces gets +5% defense bonus at day
if friendly unit is within 1 field then your unit gets +10% defense bonus
you have 5% chance of recruiting the hero - his attributes are 2 times better than normal unit
new unit: builder (repairing castle, in future: building roads, buildings etc.)
repairing your castle by builder (only if he reach his castle, then repair button appears)
time to end the turn thrown out
you can train your units only in reach of your castle (within 1 field)
you can heal your units only in reach of your castle/city (within 1 field)
fixed bug: popups with infos about finding food etc. did not display
Multilanguage support. At the moment only polish and partialy english and german versions but with possibility of adding spanish, italian, french and czech languages. Please translate it if you can. The files with text are: ll_*.cfg where * is abbreviation of full language name eg. sp is for spanish.

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