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SmartCVS is an innovative multi-platform CVS client

License: Shareware
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Developer: SyntEvo GmbH
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SmartCVS is an innovative multi-platform CVS client. SmartCVS project has very powerful features, like built-in File Compare and Merge, Show Transactions or List Repository Files, and still is easy and intuitive to use.

SmartCVS focusses on your day-to-day tasks and usability. It is not limited to the available CVS command set like other CVS clients.

Here are some key features of "SmartCVS":
Supported Authentication Methods

Password Authentication (pserver)
Built-In SSH-1 (e.g. SourceForge)new
Built-In SSH-2new
Proxy supportnew

Supported CVS Commands

import (to create a module), checkout, update, commit, add, remove, log, tag, rtagnew
import (to track third-party changes), annotate, edit, unedit, editors, lock, unlock, watch, watchers

Keyword Substitution Support

Basic support (add, update commands)
Advanced support (changing)

Smart Extensions

Built-In Repository Browser to select the files to check out (instead of typing their path)new
Ability to list all transactions (commits) and see, what files were added, removed or changednew
Ability to search for commits by the log messagenew
Built-In Conflict Solvernew
Ability to list all (even removed) repository files or those which have a specified tagnew
Ability to compare repository files by tagsnew
Change Report: Shows detailled changes (locally, repository) for multiple files at oncenew
Smart Commit (add, remove and commit files with one click)
View Remote State beside the file; see, whether someone else already has committed a changenew
View Editors beside the file
Tag Browser, showing the tag order and branch-structurenew
Ignore Files/Directories (explicitly/by pattern, globally/locally)
Export Snapshot (to directory or zip-file)
Simple Revision Pinning (to prevent accidently committing of temporary changes)


File Table Filtering (show/hide ignored, non-CVS or unmodified files)
Individual File Table sorting, also by multiple columns simultaneously
Go-To File (search by prefix or wildcards)


Create and edit user accounts within the repository
Key-pair generator for public key authentication

Miscellaneous Features

Built-In File Compare with detection of inline-changes and the possibility to edit filesnew
Display of what directories contain uncommitted filesnew
Ability to convert (inner-line) tabs to spaces while committingnew
Flat File view (to see all files from subdirectories, too)
Implicit Login
Smart daylight saving solution
Easy to use wizards assist in non-trivial or rarely used operations

External Tools

Ability to use different external file compare tools (even for binary files)
Ability to define different file editors/viewers by pattern

Java 1.4.2 or later

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