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Luca is our new accounting software project

License: LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
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Developer: Elvis Pfutzenreuter
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Luca is our new accounting software project. Luca is meant to be a rewritten version of CTB. The main development framework is Python+TurboGears.

Luca is named after Luca Pacioli, the man invented the double-entry accounting method.

Luca is still in early stages of development. Thanks for your patience.

The main framework is TurboGears, so a fair amount of Luca's architecture comes directly from TurboGears stack: Javascript+Mochikit for client-side trickery and AJAX; Kid for HTML templating; CherryPy as controller framework, and SQLObject as database-neutral model.

It was decided long ago (from 2000) that the base development language would be Python, since it has been the best interpreted language around. The next question was which Web framework to use (or go solo and create a mini-framework from scratch). The framework should be free, unobtrusive, "Pythonic" and have a fair learning curve.

Before TurboGears, Zope was considered for Luca. It has really being pushed by the Python community as the "Python on Rails". Zope proved to be too bureucractic (too much typing for too little work) and difficult to learn. However, some specific Zope components e.g. ZODB are really of great value and could be reconsidered for Luca adoption in the future.

What's New in This Release:
This is the first usable version.
It includes an integrated mobile client.

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