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License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 29K
Developer: Joe Davidson
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Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Ldif is a Perl module that can convert to and from Ldif formatted addressbooks.


use strict;
use Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Ldif;
my $LDIF = new Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Ldif();
my $LdifInFile ="ldifSample.txt"; # name of the file containing the Ldif data
# Convert Ldif to Standard Intermediate format
# see documentation for details on format.
my $raIntermediate = $LDIF->scan($LdifInFile);
# This will also work
#my @LdifInArray = @arrayContainingTheLdifData;
#my $raIntermediate = $LDIF->scan(@LdifInArray);
# Convert back to Ldif
my $raLdifOut = $LDIF->output($raIntermediate);
print join "", @$raIntermediate;
print "nnnn";
print join "", @$raLdifOut;

Perl, version 5.001 or higher

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