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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 29K
Developer: Joe Davidson
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Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Pine is a Perl module that convert to and from Pine formatted addressbooks.


use strict;
use Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Pine;
my $pine = new Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Pine();
my $PineInFile ="pineSample.txt"; # name of the file containing the Ldif data
# Convert Pine to Standard Intermediate format
# see documentation for details on format.
my $raIntermediate = $pine->scan($PineInFile);
# This will also work
#my @PineInArray = @arrayContainingThePineData;
#my $raIntermediate = $pine->scan(@PineInArray);
# Convert back to Pine
my $raPineOut = $pine->output($raIntermediate);
print join "", @$raIntermediate;
print "nnnn";
print join "", @$raPineOut;
Perl, version 5.001 or higher

This module is meant to be used as part of the Mail::Addressbook::Convert distribution.
It can convert a Pine addressbook to a Standard Intermediate format(STF) and a STF to Pine As part of the larger distribution, it will allow conversion between Pine and many other formats.

To use to convert between Pine and Eudora as an example, you would do the following

use Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Pine;
use Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Eudora;
my $Pine = new Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Pine();
my $Eudora = new Mail::Addressbook::Convert::Eudora();
my $PineInFile ="pineSample.txt"; # name of the file containing the Pine data
my $raIntermediate = $Pine->scan($PineInFile);
my $raEudora = $Eudora->output($raIntermediate); # reference to an array containing a Eudora addressbook


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