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Mailody is a Qt/KDE based mail client which only supports the IMAP protocol

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Tom Albers
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Mailody is a Qt/KDE based mail client which only supports the IMAP protocol. It supports tabbed email reading. This is the first release. I want to have feedback about all the problems. To which mailservers can Mailody not talk for example. Are there any crucial bugs which renders the software unusable for you.

By the way, that is something different as experimental. Mailody should not trash your mail or do other nasty things. I understand mail is important to you. I use Mailody on a daily bases and I would not do that if its buggy.

What's New in This Release:
Fixes for several imap servers: uw-imap, Dovecot, Courier, Microsoft & others
Several fixes to be more rfc complient for smtp and imap.
Several fixes for SSL and TLS for smtp and imap.
Fixes several crashes related to actions which were available at wrong moments.
The user interface is now more responsive when fetching mailboxes or opening large mailboxes.
Fix so a redirected message shows who redirected it.
Fix for a bug where the background of a html messages became sticky.
Fix resync mailbox so it deletes all local messages to prevent ghost messages.
Support for authentication with smtp.
Add 'copy' to context menu of addresses.
Added a warning when trying to send large attachments.
Forwarding attachments no longer mangles filenames
Properly encode sender address if needed.
Sent messages are now threaded properly.

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