MegaTunix 0.8.6 review

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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Dave J. Andruczyk
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MegaTunix is the only tuning software for Unix (and now Win32) class operating systems that supports all existing megasquirt firmwares.

MegaTunix has been recently redesigned in such a way as to be extensible to support new firmware variants with little to no new code needing to be written.

The new design permits the gui tabs that relate to MegaSquirt variables to be redesigned using the Glade GUI designer for windows or Glade gui designer for Unix to change or alter the gui look/feel to accomodate new controls on more advanced firmwares.

This tuning software is capable of the most complete interrogation of the ECU than any other tuning software out there currently (MegaTune for windows, MS-Palm, MegaSquirtPCC).

This advanced interrogation is configurable and provides the most complete detection of the target firmware, (such to prevent mis-detection) and would even allow MegaTunix to work with non-MS hardware though this left up as an exercise for the user.

MegaTunix is developed on Linux (Gentoo Linux specifically), but does work on all other Linux distros (Assuming the proper libraries are installed), FreeBSD and Mac OS-X (with fink and the necessary support libraries installed) and now Win32 platforms as of 0.6.1 and newer.

What's New in This Release:
A new Gauge Designer tool lets you design custom gauges that will be integrated into megatunix's forthcoming "dashboard", for more intuitive display of data coming from your ECU.

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